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Japanese Food & Beverage Industry Summit
& The 1st Japanese Culinary Invitational Competition

Provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, cities with provincial-level status in the state economic plan, provincial capitals, business heads of departments, F&B associations (hotels and catering), member organizations, hospitality establishments, Japanese food enterprises and suppliers:

The China Hotel Association will be organizing the Japanese Food & Beverage (Beijing) Industry Summit and The 1st Japanese Culinary Invitational Competition alongside ANUFOOD China with Koelnmesse China from Aug 30 - Sep 1, 2017 to promote the healthy development of the Japanese F&B industry, propagate Japanese food culture and enrich China’s F&B market, so that more industry practitioners can showcase their dreams and establish a sound business ecosystem. It also serves to further bridge the gap between upstream and downstream industries, enhance the attractiveness of investment in specialty F&B brands, and comprehensively boost the core competitiveness of enterprises to promote the sustained and stable development of the industry. Details of the event as follows:

1. Event Theme
Joint cooperation for development & innovation

2. Date & Venue
Date: Aug 30 – Sep 1, 2017
Venue: China International Exhibition Center (NEW)

3. Organizers
i) Organizers
China Hospitality Association & Koelnmesse China
ii) Co-organizer
China Hotel Association Japanese Cuisine Committee
iii) Supported by
Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) Beijing office
Japanese Chef Association, Beijing

4. Program
i) Japanese Food & Beverage Industry Summit 2017
International Japanese cuisine organizations, well-known Japanese cuisine experts and scholars and Japanese cuisine entrepreneurs will be invited to give keynote speeches and conduct exchange on the development of Japanese cuisine in China, the industry value chain, the Internet and talent cultivation, which are crucial work of the Japanese Cuisine Committee for the collective development among members of the committee.
ii) Study Visits to Successful Japanese Restaurants in Beijing
Beijing has always been known as the "food capital". In recent years, an increasing number of people from abroad have been coming to Beijing to open restaurants selling exotic food from all over the world, bringing an entirely new cultural experience. The development of Japanese F&B companies has also entered into an accelerated pace.
Beijing’s most high-end sushi franchise - Edomae Sushi
Beijing's hottest Japanese buffet - Matsumoto Restaurant
Beijing's most distinctive Japanese restaurant - Shota Muni Sushi and Grill
iii) The 1st Japanese Culinary Invitational Competition
According to entry criteria developed by the Organizing Committee, the competition will be divided into Team and Individual categories to create a Japanese set meal (three dishes). Based on their results during the competition and the category they compete in, contestants will be awarded the Gold Award and Gold Award for the Team category, as well as Gold Award, Gold Award and Silver Award for the Individual category.
Competition details:
(1) Competition details
Soup: Each contestant is to create 1 serving of soup.
(2) Sashimi: Each contestant is to create 1 creative sashimi (not limited to any content, form, method, ingredient).
(3) Hand roll, 1 portion of sushi to produce 5 pieces
(4) 2 side dishes, to be of different content and form.
(5) The Organizing Committee has set up a judging panel of 5 industry experts (3 Japanese cuisine masters, 1 business representative, 1 association representative)
i) Judging details & scoring method
1. Based on 5 aspects: form, cooking, low wastage & practicality, safety & hygiene, discipline
a) Form: Planned and orderly process, coordinated and skilled movement, appropriate use of equipment and wares
b) Cooking: Logical process, appropriate application of cooking methods, appropriate use of equipment and wares
c) Operation in line with actual industry practice, use of reasonably “green” and healthy raw materials, proper waste disposal, no signs of wastage
d) Meet personal hygiene requirements, safe operation, clean and orderly workspace, safe and hygienic storage of raw materials, clean and hygienic equipment and wares
e) Comply with rules and regulations of competition, timely and independent completion of dishes
2. Judging of dishes based on 5 aspects: appearance, taste, texture, nutrition and hygiene, practicality
a) Attractive form, consistent dimensions, natural color, coordinated plating, appropriate use of tableware
b) Appropriate and pure taste, prominence of main flavor, appropriate seasoning, no peculiar smell
c) Heat control, distinctive texture, possess rightful distinctive taste characteristics
d) Clean and hygienic dishes, segregation of raw and cooked ingredients, appropriate garnishing and decoration, retain reasonable nutrition
e) Edibility, practicality, meet quantity required
ii) Equipment & Raw Materials Provided
Basic equipment: Worktop, refrigerator, microwave oven
Basic seasoning: Including edible oil, sugar, soy sauce, salt, vinegar

5. Attendees
Representatives from Japanese food enterprises, luxury star hotels, casual dining establishments, Japanese food delivery, kitchen equipment manufacturers, F&B industry bases, Japanese cuisine education and training institutions, industry investment institutions and industry associations nationwide.

6. Registration Fee
i) Registration requirements: Participants should fill in the information carefully, and submit the form before July 15 to the China Hospitality Association.
ii) Registration fee includes: conference fee, conference materials, city transportation, meals during the conference, study visit, food tasting event. Please make payment in advance. On-site registration will not be accepted.
iii) Competition participation fee:
Individual Category – RMB 600/person
Team Category – RMB 2,000/organization
Including competition venue, basic seasoning, awards ceremony, attire, certificate and medal.
iv) Standard accommodation, at participant’s own expense
Account name: China Hospitality Association
Bank: Bank of China, Yuetan branch, Beijing
Account no.: 336 356 032 944

7. Contact Details
i) China Hospitality Association Japanese Cuisine Committee

Contact persons:
Xing Cheng (+86-13910585635)
Jin Yong (+86-13311217711)
Tel: +86-10-68391597 / 683912456
Fax: +86-10-68391597
E-mail: 942580819@QQ.com
Address: 1509, 5 Yuetan North Street, Xicheng District, Beijing 100834

ii) China Hospitality Association Japanese Cuisine Committee – Shanghai Office
Contact persons:
Zhao Gang (+86-13621988550)
Liang Li (+86-18964175177)
Qiang Peiyan (+86-13917176056)
Address: 2/F, 1683 Lianhua Road, Minhang District, Shanghai 201103

About China Hotel Association                                     
China Hotel Association is a national first class association authorized by the Ministry of Civil Administration of the People's Republic of China. Established in 1994, we are a premier organization that represents nationwide hotel, lodging, restaurants and catering services. Our highly dedicated professionals are ready to serve the hotel industry by focusing on hotel/restaurant retrofits and brand image improvement to our members. The association successfully organized various projects, such as Chinese gourmet festival, China Green hotel, Hotel professional manager, Nationwide Hospitality Skill Competition, Green Hotel Exhibition, and Hotel Industry Conference. We provide an array of diverse services to the hospitality industry which can be categorized into five areas.

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